A change is gonna come..eventually

Hey All how are you:?

Well, things are good this end, i’ve been making sure i’ve been wearing my new clothes and starting to feel comfortable in them, some people notice, some don’t, but i had a great compliment the other day by a friend of ours we see on the school run, her husbands a little younger than me, but he wears clothes a 25 year old would wear, which is fine, but like i said not what i want to do, hes a big fella, hes a big personality too, but he told his wife, “i like what Martin’s wearing, i want to dress better too, and more my age” how cool is that, a great lesson i’m learning is changing myself either inspires or aggrevates 🙂

Im really trying to wear my better clothes, like i’ve mentioned none of it’s cost a lot, mostly from supermarkets, or budget brands, but i find the odd bargain, i’ve just brought some really nice clarks desert boots, £90 down to £49 i love them!

So im wearing the chinos, the shirts and the jackets, i’ve also brought a chunky cardigan too, yes it makes me look older, but you know i kinda like that, it’s time i sort out my office and my head too, thats next on the agenda!

Like ive probably mentioned i struggle getting clothes to fit, too big or too tight, im 44chest 34waist, slim fits usually a no go as ive got huge thighs and calfs!

Sorry for the bad photos and all the crap in the background, and the terrible attempt at a catalogue pose, but heres a couple of outfits i’ve put together, chinos £10 each , shirt £15, tie £3 shoes £25, belt £10, cardigan £20 blazer £30 and finally got my new glasses too! the beards been itching like hell so ive trimmed it a bit, as ive had a couple of jobs where i needed to be smart!

Ps my wife saw my phone the other day and laughed at these pictures too!