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Thanks for dropping by, This site is here to help me document my transformation to a proper “man” and also to help anyone else whose interested in “bettering themselves” or just want to be a man.
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Some pics over the years, me recently top left, me in 1988, top right in 2006, me and my best buddy Pete on a bike ride 2015, me and my wife 2000 ( get me looking all Ali G, ooh and a shiny shirt)

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve struggled over the last few years with myself, style being one of them, now I don’t think over the last 20 years I’ve dressed to bad, its just like most of you, its probably been a little “young”.

Let’s face it, none of us wants to become old men, I never sat there as a kid and thought, I want to dress like my grandad, and as a young man why should you, but as we get older, nothing and I mean nothing ages a man more than dressing too young, next time you’re out, look at yourself and the people around you, chances are, there wearing what their sons wear, or what their sons want them to wear, or they just have the young mans mind set.

Now I don’t want you or me to become a boring “muther”, but I don’t want to be a cliché 40 something, who looks the same as everyone else, and acting too young.

Im now 48, I’ve been messing around with style for a while, and I still go back to wearing jeans boots and t shirt, to be fair, it’s always plain t shirts and fitted jeans, I used to be into motor bikes and rock music, and always loved the 50’s look.

However, while Ive been quite lucky to have looked ok for my age, it does catch up to you, and I look it.

So all the clothes I brought 4-5 years ago and never wore, ive just had a huge clean out of my wardrobe and thrown anything ripped/old/too young away.

that’s the other thing im trying to do is become more organized!!!!

So my wardrobe is now sorted, just need to do everything else now…J

I’m a father to 3 sons, have a great wife and a dog called reg.

I was a late starter in most cases, I got married for the first time in ’95 divorced in 2000, and married again in 2002 J

I’ve looked all over for style advice and there’s some good ones on the web, Aaron Marino of Alpha M, is a good site to look at.

My problem is im more of a muscular stocky build, I’ve always struggled with clothes fitting properly, so whenever ive needed new clothes it’s a nightmare to get things to actually fit me, on the rare occasion I have, there usually too long, or tight or they’ve not been the right colour.

Nowadays, were off the peg people, I remember my grandma, used to alter/make her clothes herself, as was the norm back then as was tailors, not so any more. Its you’re a medium large or whatever. and if you’re not then your screwed!

The other major factor in this is I live in Mansfield in England, It’s a small ex mining town, I like it , ive lived here 16 years now, but like most places the people let it down, there’s more shell suits than tweed, and I think most people shop at sports direct than anywhere else!

That’s something else I want to change, I don’t like where the world/people are going, so I get frustrated and call, I need to work on me.

My best friend is called Pete, he’s very similar to me in outlook, same age different build though, hes fit and athletic, clothes fit him great ( bastid 🙂 )