A bit about me…

Me on the left….

I wasn’t popular at school, I didn’t want to smoke/cause trouble/be the cliché

I grew my hair in the 80’s got in a band, wanted to be a rock star,
I cut my hair in the early 90’s lost myself, got depressed
I found myself again aged 27, got a style, got (too) confident, became a ladies man
|Had a meltdown because I hit 30, lost confidence a bit, but settled

Aged 32 met my current wife, and dropped any act, and was happy, but very insecure
35 had my son Sam, became a “dad”, lost myself a bit,

Struggled with being a dad
Aged 36 got diagnosed with an immune disorder, after losing my job, in hospital long recovery
36 set up in business on my own,
Aged 37 had another son dylan
Aged 38, got a blood disorder
Aged 42 had my last son Brandon, 2 months later lost my dad, great fella
Aged 45, brought my second house, to do up and rent, started working too hard, 16 hour days
Aged 45  (feb 2013, woke up, stuttering, shaking, had a breakdown, got dignosed bipolar and anxiety disorder
Aged 46 had to fold one of my businesses, lost 20-30k on my earnings,
Aged 47 became depressed suicidal, and lost. Then some high’s started spending money I didn’t have.
Aged 48, still the same, looked into different medicines, help.
Present day, On a level, trying to sort out my life, style, head, be a better man.

One think ive come to realise is that Im starting to not give a shit, not in a callous way, but in if you or anyone else things ill of me, so what, do I care? I only care about the opinions of the people I love.
my inner circle is actually quite small, I have a handful of friends now, but I like that.

Things I’ve done recently are, quit facebook, no I don’t need to see whose on holiday, or a glass of wine,
or someones took there dog for a walk, I don’t watch much tv, I dont give a shit what phone/laptop I have, as long as it works.

So, there we are , that’s me up to now, bearing everything but my nutsack. ( available on request) J