Men’s hats

I’ve always loved hats, especially the “news boy/baker boy” hat. I had a bit of a fascination with 1930’s America too, the old gangsters, then like a lot of people liked them in Mad Men.

It’s a tough one nowadays getting away with them, especially trilbys as  you either look like an x factor reject, a bad dj or your that guy with the leather one…

I’ve braved wearing mine a few times, but i feel more confident wearing the newsboy type, normal flat caps look awful on me, but the newsboy i feel ok with, ive an awful video i put on you tube a while back, (you can tell im a bit depressed around this stage so apologies!)

I’ve put the trilby to rest now, i still have it and my wife puts it on for a laugh when she imitates me!

The other reason of hats is more obvious, i shave my head, and for you out there who do too, you know its fuggin freezing, even with a bit of a breeze the old noggin gets cold!
Beanies are ok, i never got the weird knitted hats that people wore tho, glad it seems to have died off!

Anyway here’s the link to the video!



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