Tattoos and the ongoing dilemma

Image result for old man with tattoos
Nick Wooster, a cool dresser and a man of style, i do like his tats

Well, one conversation me and Pete have is should we get a tat…
yes we really are that sad, but it’s one of the more interesting chinwags we have, as we talk a lot of shite. 🙂

As i’ve said before Pete’s got a really good physique, he trains a lot, runs a lot, im naturally quite well built, but not really toned, but not bad for my age.

I love/hate tattoos, i love sleeves and hate random ones, ( sorry) and i like to see sleeves when someones dresses smart, i like the contrast. I never got one when i was younger cos i never like that many, a few years back when i lost my dad, i wanted to get one to remember him by, but then i thought, i dont need a tattoo for that.

Maybe it’s a last cling onto my “youth” i dunno, but the other factor thats made me not do it is i shave off all my hair, and it’s a bit you know cliche, ( to me anyway).

let me know what you do…

so far, i’m still a blank canvas!



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