New glasses and attempted beard

Went shopping today (at Primark), with the wife and 2 of the boys, I brought the boys a few things they wanted clothes wise, and i brought a new blazer new shirt and some cheap desert boots ( £4!! ) Thing with me is i’ve actually got a few nice clothes, ok not expensive but nice, but i dare not wear them! I’ve always kept stuff for best and never wear it, and ive just chucked a load of stuff away some I’20160906_135957-1ve never worn!

Ok so i know the rule is as we get older we buy more classy expensive clothes, as i’m still finding my style i don’t want to spend a fortune and not like/wear it, and like i say, if it is more expensive it sits in my wardrobe, like the desert boots, ive just bought some Roamers, £29, but i love them so i will keep them for best ( idiot).

(glasses trial…yes i was naked)

Over the last few weeks i’ve brought a lot of stuff!
a lot online, as ive said before finding stuff that fits is a nightmare!

So glasses, made a huuuuge drop off, as everything i struggle finding things to fit, even glasses, i’ve a small bridge on my nose and they all sit too low, so after selling our rented property, i thought i’d treat myself to some Persols!! So they came and there lovely, but i needed my prescription lenses put in, so sent them to the glazers and they said the frames are breaking!! 😦 so ill keep you updated if i get any money back!)

I looked around Mansfield (i actually wore some new clothes out!) and there’s so many people my age dressing too young, fair play if they’re happy, but it just looks wrong.

I probably dressed like a grandad to be fair… but i’ll get there just need to dick around with
styles a bit more.

I’m attempting to grow a bit of a beard too, just experimenting you know…
Here’s the glasses i think i’m going for if your interested.


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