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Thanks for dropping by, This site is here to help me document my transformation to a proper “man” and also to help anyone else whose interested in “bettering themselves” or just want to be a man.
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Some pics over the years, me recently top left, me in 1988, top right in 2006, me and my best buddy Pete on a bike ride 2015, me and my wife 2000 ( get me looking all Ali G, ooh and a shiny shirt)

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve struggled over the last few years with myself, style being one of them, now I don’t think over the last 20 years I’ve dressed to bad, its just like most of you, its probably been a little “young”.

Let’s face it, none of us wants to become old men, I never sat there as a kid and thought, I want to dress like my grandad, and as a young man why should you, but as we get older, nothing and I mean nothing ages a man more than dressing too young, next time you’re out, look at yourself and the people around you, chances are, there wearing what their sons wear, or what their sons want them to wear, or they just have the young mans mind set.

Now I don’t want you or me to become a boring “muther”, but I don’t want to be a cliché 40 something, who looks the same as everyone else, and acting too young.

Im now 48, I’ve been messing around with style for a while, and I still go back to wearing jeans boots and t shirt, to be fair, it’s always plain t shirts and fitted jeans, I used to be into motor bikes and rock music, and always loved the 50’s look.

However, while Ive been quite lucky to have looked ok for my age, it does catch up to you, and I look it.

So all the clothes I brought 4-5 years ago and never wore, ive just had a huge clean out of my wardrobe and thrown anything ripped/old/too young away.

that’s the other thing im trying to do is become more organized!!!!

So my wardrobe is now sorted, just need to do everything else now…J

I’m a father to 3 sons, have a great wife and a dog called reg.

I was a late starter in most cases, I got married for the first time in ’95 divorced in 2000, and married again in 2002 J

I’ve looked all over for style advice and there’s some good ones on the web, Aaron Marino of Alpha M, is a good site to look at.

My problem is im more of a muscular stocky build, I’ve always struggled with clothes fitting properly, so whenever ive needed new clothes it’s a nightmare to get things to actually fit me, on the rare occasion I have, there usually too long, or tight or they’ve not been the right colour.

Nowadays, were off the peg people, I remember my grandma, used to alter/make her clothes herself, as was the norm back then as was tailors, not so any more. Its you’re a medium large or whatever. and if you’re not then your screwed!

The other major factor in this is I live in Mansfield in England, It’s a small ex mining town, I like it , ive lived here 16 years now, but like most places the people let it down, there’s more shell suits than tweed, and I think most people shop at sports direct than anywhere else!

That’s something else I want to change, I don’t like where the world/people are going, so I get frustrated and call, I need to work on me.

My best friend is called Pete, he’s very similar to me in outlook, same age different build though, hes fit and athletic, clothes fit him great ( bastid 🙂 )


Men’s hats

I’ve always loved hats, especially the “news boy/baker boy” hat. I had a bit of a fascination with 1930’s America too, the old gangsters, then like a lot of people liked them in Mad Men.

It’s a tough one nowadays getting away with them, especially trilbys as  you either look like an x factor reject, a bad dj or your that guy with the leather one…

I’ve braved wearing mine a few times, but i feel more confident wearing the newsboy type, normal flat caps look awful on me, but the newsboy i feel ok with, ive an awful video i put on you tube a while back, (you can tell im a bit depressed around this stage so apologies!)

I’ve put the trilby to rest now, i still have it and my wife puts it on for a laugh when she imitates me!

The other reason of hats is more obvious, i shave my head, and for you out there who do too, you know its fuggin freezing, even with a bit of a breeze the old noggin gets cold!
Beanies are ok, i never got the weird knitted hats that people wore tho, glad it seems to have died off!

Anyway here’s the link to the video!


A change is gonna come..eventually

Hey All how are you:?

Well, things are good this end, i’ve been making sure i’ve been wearing my new clothes and starting to feel comfortable in them, some people notice, some don’t, but i had a great compliment the other day by a friend of ours we see on the school run, her husbands a little younger than me, but he wears clothes a 25 year old would wear, which is fine, but like i said not what i want to do, hes a big fella, hes a big personality too, but he told his wife, “i like what Martin’s wearing, i want to dress better too, and more my age” how cool is that, a great lesson i’m learning is changing myself either inspires or aggrevates 🙂

Im really trying to wear my better clothes, like i’ve mentioned none of it’s cost a lot, mostly from supermarkets, or budget brands, but i find the odd bargain, i’ve just brought some really nice clarks desert boots, £90 down to £49 i love them!

So im wearing the chinos, the shirts and the jackets, i’ve also brought a chunky cardigan too, yes it makes me look older, but you know i kinda like that, it’s time i sort out my office and my head too, thats next on the agenda!

Like ive probably mentioned i struggle getting clothes to fit, too big or too tight, im 44chest 34waist, slim fits usually a no go as ive got huge thighs and calfs!

Sorry for the bad photos and all the crap in the background, and the terrible attempt at a catalogue pose, but heres a couple of outfits i’ve put together, chinos £10 each , shirt £15, tie £3 shoes £25, belt £10, cardigan £20 blazer £30 and finally got my new glasses too! the beards been itching like hell so ive trimmed it a bit, as ive had a couple of jobs where i needed to be smart!

Ps my wife saw my phone the other day and laughed at these pictures too!




Go grey and receed, or go bald…

You know, I have hair, i just don’t like it, i take after my grandad Harry, (died 1994) who had amazing hair, like a brillo pad!! and mine was getting there and slightly receeding too so in late 2013 i decided to whip it off!!! My wife hated it, and still does but it’s sooo much easier!

Its always a shock when you do something different, and it took me a while to get used to it, here’s one with it and one without, ( i was toying with growing it back but i hate the in-between faze)

I dont mind grey hair, i actually quite like it, its just i prefer it mostly grey to just temples!
Yep im weird!

Tattoos and the ongoing dilemma

Image result for old man with tattoos
Nick Wooster, a cool dresser and a man of style, i do like his tats

Well, one conversation me and Pete have is should we get a tat…
yes we really are that sad, but it’s one of the more interesting chinwags we have, as we talk a lot of shite. 🙂

As i’ve said before Pete’s got a really good physique, he trains a lot, runs a lot, im naturally quite well built, but not really toned, but not bad for my age.

I love/hate tattoos, i love sleeves and hate random ones, ( sorry) and i like to see sleeves when someones dresses smart, i like the contrast. I never got one when i was younger cos i never like that many, a few years back when i lost my dad, i wanted to get one to remember him by, but then i thought, i dont need a tattoo for that.

Maybe it’s a last cling onto my “youth” i dunno, but the other factor thats made me not do it is i shave off all my hair, and it’s a bit you know cliche, ( to me anyway).

let me know what you do…

so far, i’m still a blank canvas!


New glasses and attempted beard

Went shopping today (at Primark), with the wife and 2 of the boys, I brought the boys a few things they wanted clothes wise, and i brought a new blazer new shirt and some cheap desert boots ( £4!! ) Thing with me is i’ve actually got a few nice clothes, ok not expensive but nice, but i dare not wear them! I’ve always kept stuff for best and never wear it, and ive just chucked a load of stuff away some I’20160906_135957-1ve never worn!

Ok so i know the rule is as we get older we buy more classy expensive clothes, as i’m still finding my style i don’t want to spend a fortune and not like/wear it, and like i say, if it is more expensive it sits in my wardrobe, like the desert boots, ive just bought some Roamers, £29, but i love them so i will keep them for best ( idiot).

(glasses trial…yes i was naked)

Over the last few weeks i’ve brought a lot of stuff!
a lot online, as ive said before finding stuff that fits is a nightmare!

So glasses, made a huuuuge drop off, as everything i struggle finding things to fit, even glasses, i’ve a small bridge on my nose and they all sit too low, so after selling our rented property, i thought i’d treat myself to some Persols!! So they came and there lovely, but i needed my prescription lenses put in, so sent them to the glazers and they said the frames are breaking!! 😦 so ill keep you updated if i get any money back!)

I looked around Mansfield (i actually wore some new clothes out!) and there’s so many people my age dressing too young, fair play if they’re happy, but it just looks wrong.

I probably dressed like a grandad to be fair… but i’ll get there just need to dick around with
styles a bit more.

I’m attempting to grow a bit of a beard too, just experimenting you know…
Here’s the glasses i think i’m going for if your interested.